Spatial Collaboration; Reimagine the Workplace

Blend your physical world with technologies’ limitless potential

Break physical barriers with XR to supercharge critical apps and transform teamwork 

High-Impact Augmented Reality Software Looks Like This: 


Microsoft Teams Integration 

Welcome non-Sphere contacts into the XR experience 

Avatars for Remote Participants 

Increase understanding with realistic body language cues 

Intuitive 3D Creation Tools 

Free yourself from the screen to draw, measure and more 

Live Spatial-Audio Translation 

Hire and sell anywhere, without language as a barrier 
RUAG’s partnership with Sphere is instrumental in propelling the company towards a new era of efficiency, cost reduction, and customer-centric engagement.
Christian Janssen
Streamlead XR Applied Innovations from RUAG Innovation Organization (RIO)
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Integrate XR-powered meetings into existing workflows, enhancing rather than disrupting them. 

Foster an Inspired, Hyper-Productive Culture with XR Powered Meetings
Collaboration is the backbone of all human achievements, but its potential has been constrained by application limitations, both in-person and remote. Until now!  
Reduce and re-allocate travel budgets 
Strengthen security by eliminating paper trails 
Improve your company’s carbon footprint  

Experience a 21% increase in overall profitability by improving job satisfaction and reducing meeting fatigue. 

Employee Onboarding with Augmented Reality 
Harness the power of immersive, natural learning for superior outcomes. Rather than simply facilitating the exchange of information, Sphere fosters genuine engagement, a pivotal factor in nurturing meaningful teamwork.   
Attract and retain top talent 
Elevate employer branding with XR  
Foster effective, experiential learning  

Get products to market faster by enabling clear interpretation and efficiency with augmented reality.  

Optimize Design Review Processes Using XR
Flexible 3D design review, experienced in a natural, physical environment reduces the risk of misunderstanding and miscommunications, resulting in efficient teamwork and faster time-to-market for enterprise products and ideas.
Elevate brand prestige
Streamline design assessments
Spark collaborative innovation

Grow Revenues with Experiential Sales Presentations

Sell More with Augmented Reality  
Most sales presentations repurpose content that’s easily found online, missing the opportunity to provide stand-out, immersive experiences. Tap into Sphere to transfer knowledge in remarkably engaging ways. 
Bring your life-size product line anywhere 
Create memorable demo experiences 
Amplify brand recognition  

Feel Inspired Again

Experience how Sphere’s augmented reality software can transform your business!
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