Get to Market Faster

Automotive manufacturers are expected to address development cycles quicker than ever before.

Sphere’s turnkey platform is playing a key role in helping enterprise teams accelerate their growth while reducing costs in the changed work paradigm.

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The Sphere Difference XR Software for a Forward-Looking Automotive Sector

AR powered employee training

Train Employees at Scale

Automotive companies have thousands of employees across the globe that require training on a regular basis – but traditional methods are expensive, time-consuming, and environmentally impactful.

Sphere’s remote employee training solution changes that by replacing in-person sessions with holographic workflow guidance, with the option to connect managers and assembly line staff in real time as they conduct digital walkthroughs designed to optimize safety and compliance.

Increase Design Review Efficiency

The evolution of XR has consigned clay and foam models to the past. Sphere’s digital design review features provide a time-saving alternative that allows onsite and remote teams to collaboratively interact with 3D visualizations of a prototype vehicle, identifying and implementing potential design improvements in the process.


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The Workers You Need, Where You Need Them

Sphere’s enterprise XR software has enabled manufacturers to provide global expert assistance directly to the factory floor without incurring the financial or environmental costs associated with long-distance travel. Frontline workers are now empowered to resolve issues and learn new processes without breaking their stride.

Sphere transports remote experts into an assembly line setting via a live feed, where they can review exactly what their factory-based colleague sees through their headset. They can also spawn holographic annotations to provide visual guidance in real time.

Go Green

The automotive industry faces more public scrutiny than most when it comes to environmental issues. Sphere limits waste through error reduction and removes the need for travel by remotely connecting design, engineering, and manufacturing teams while maintaining the productivity levels you’d expect from an onsite setting.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Sphere simplifies the engineering process by offering XR solutions that provide a virtual co-working space for teams to assess how each part contributes to a vehicle. Colleagues both on and off-site can explore 3D models in unparalleled detail by ‘exploding’ them and inspecting each individual element as required.

Facing Industry Challenges with Immersive Collaboration

Race to Electric and

Autonomous Vehicles

Limited Access to a Skilled Workforce

Safety and Emission Regulations Causing Cost Increases

Public Appetite for Newness Accelerating Time-to-Market

Multinational Supply Chain Disruptions and Unpredictable Economy

Rapid Pace of Tech Change Requiring Increase in R&D

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose-Driven Solutions