Extended Military Strength

Defense organizations are in a continual state of adaptation to the current landscape, be it physical, geopolitical, cyber, or technological.

As such, many are adopting XR technologies, and specifically Sphere, due to its adeptness at improving training, mission planning, communication as well as coordination and more.

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THE SPHERE DIFFERENCE Plan for Every Scenario

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Everything Mapped Out

When entering unknown territory, XR powered maps and building blueprints act like a visual superpower, training troops to identify enemy positions as well as the best routes for reconnaissance, entry, and extraction.

  • Sphere’s augmented mapping tool enables stakeholders to join realistic simulations, both physically and remotely, to conduct troop deployment exercises.
  • Users can easily spawn an unlimited number of scalable 3D maps, and pin assets to defined locations.
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Major Cost Savings

Sphere has become an invaluable tool for defense departments looking to limit spending and maximize productivity.

  • Remote collaboration reduces the need for travel and in-person meetings.
  • Soldiers can be trained in combat scenarios without the need for expensive field exercises.
  • Technicians can be assisted in maintenance and repairs, reducing costs associated with equipment downtime.
  • XR mission planning tools reduce the need for costly physical reconnaissance and experimentation.

AWS GovCloud

Sphere is partnered with AWS to securely enable defense and national security missions with cloud computing. The service is designed to host the most highly sensitive data on earth, and address extremely stringent compliance regulations.

On-Prem Hosting

For certain customers, such as defense organizations, Sphere offers an on-prem set-up option. Store data locally to gain complete control over your infrastructure, establishing your own information and security policies to internally manage the risk of security breaches.

XR powered training for defense

Military Equipment Maintenance

Sphere can be used to provide hands-free, step-by-step instructions on maintenance and repair tasks for machinery and vehicles. This scalable solution reduces the time and expense of training soldiers on hundreds of complex procedures.

Should questions arise that require expert assistance, Sphere enables onsite military personnel to instantly connect with individuals anywhere across the globe to receive interactive guidance in real-time, thus critically reducing downtime.

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Immersive Personnel Training

Beyond maps, Sphere enables the simulation of countless situations that soldiers may encounter during a mission. As such, the immersive collaboration platforms help teams prepare their personnel to make better decisions under pressure.

Not only does this increase preparedness, but it also reduces the burden of creating live scenarios. In addition, militaries benefit from Sphere’s ability to link onsite trainees with command centers, which cuts the need for travel and its associated expenses.

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