Improve Mission Planning, Training and Communication with Sphere

Deploy cutting-edge augmented reality software to outshine global defense operations

Sphere is deployed in battle-tested environments to ensure military readiness while saving costs.

Extend Military Strength with These Features:


Secure, Compliant Hosting with AWS GovCloud

Sphere is partnered with AWS to securely enable defense and national security missions with cloud computing

Hosting for Defense

For certain customers, Sphere offers an on-prem set-up option. Store data onsite to gain complete control over your infrastructure

XR-Powered 3D Mapping

Sphere Maps enable unique, real-time situational awareness. Easily pin assets to 3D maps for deployment planning

Market Leading Data Security

We support customers that handle the world’s most sensitive data. They must comply with stringent regulations, meaning we do as well time

The Sphere Advantage 


Military Equipment Maintenance, Powered by Augmented Reality

Sphere provides hands-free, interactive guidance for defense equipment operations, minimizing downtime and ensuring mission readiness at all times.

Unlock Seamless Real-Time Tactical Collaboration

Sphere erases the constraints of distance, empowering defense organizations to engage in fluid and synchronized collaboration with intuitive XR functionality.
Strategic planning
Critical tactical decisions

Immersive Solider Training

Take combat readiness to the next level with augmented reality training and simulations.
Enhance the situational awareness and effectiveness of infantry officers and soldiers, ensuring you're always a step ahead of the opposition.

Optimize Budget and Maximize Productivity 

Cut unnecessary spending without compromising efficiency. From reducing travel through remote collaboration to cutting the costs of field exercises via simulated combat scenarios, our XR technology optimizes your budget allocation. 

Your Existing IT Infrastructure, Undisrupted 

Sphere effortlessly adapts to your existing IT framework, compatible with the market's widest range of XR hardware and integrated with critical systems like ERP, LMS, and PLM. With compatibility for over 60+ file types and flexible deployment options, Sphere is built for defense organizations seeking seamless integration and operational adaptability.
RUAG chose Sphere for its remarkable versatility and purpose-driven features. The product’s ability to offer a solution specifically tailored to RUAG’s requirements regarding classified data was paramount, as was its ease of use.
Christian Janssen
Streamlead XR Applied Innovations, RUAG
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