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Sphere empowers doctors at Heidelberg University Hospital to connect with remote specialists to improve patient diagnoses.

Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the largest medical centers in Germany and is uses Sphere’s Connect package to combat violence against children.

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The Sphere Difference XR Healthcare Connections
for Better Patient Outcomes

XR powered training in healthcare

Improved Medical Training

With Sphere, users can facilitate effective tele-training while further benefiting from the features offered by XR. The solution’s immersive healthcare training functionality enables teams to teach new, complex procedures to any number of practitioners at the same time, as well as provide emergency assistance from a distance.

By no longer limiting medical training to the availability of on-site experts or specific facilities, Sphere can help healthcare professionals save time and lives.

AR remote expert assistance for healthcare

Improved Patient Care

Sphere enables medical professionals to provide immersive care, helping patients better understand their medical diagnosis and treatment. For example, a doctor can invite their patient into a Sphere session to illustrate, via life-like 3D models, exactly what is going to happen during an upcoming surgery.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Sphere’s Train package is designed to help pharmaceutical teams stick to the set of guidelines and regulations required to remain compliant with GMP standards.

Data Security in Every Dimension

We support customers that handle the world’s most sensitive patient data and privacy laws. They must comply with highly stringent regulations, meaning Sphere does as well.

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Transferring Knowledge to Local Healthcare Professionals

The current shortage of trained healthcare experts is impacting the quality of care provided by medical institutions.

Sphere’s Connect package remotely links specialists located anywhere in the world with local personnel in underserved regions to fill knowledge gaps and provide step-by-step guidance and real-time diagnosis.

Scalable XR training for manufacturing

Get New Drugs to Market Faster, While Reducing Risks

Sphere’s Train package allows users to be tactile and learn through doing, without the distraction of legacy instructions. Intuitive workflows, with associated assets and operational indicators, are spatially displayed alongside the task at hand, enabling workers to move effortlessly from one step to the next until the job is complete and a report is generated.

This advanced visual guidance enables managers to scale employee training, and ensures consistency across the entire organization, while also reducing the likelihood of human error.

Facing Industry Challenges with Immersive Collaboration

Strict Regulatory Requirements in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Limited Medical Access in Rural and Remote Regions

Difficult to Replicate Real-Life Scenarios for Immersive Training

Increasing Drug Research and Development Costs

Long Wait-Times Due to Limited Practitioners and Backed-Up Procedures

Managing Complex Global Supply Chains

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose-Driven Solutions