Improve Patient Care and Pharmaceutical Output with XR

Lead Medical Advancements with Augmented Reality

Sphere is deployed throughout the healthcare industry, from drug development to connecting practitioners so they can transform patient services


The Benefits of Leading Augmented Reality Software for Healthcare:


Extend Access to Medical Expertise

Bridge knowledge gaps and provide care to underserved regions by establishing connections between remote experts and local personnel

Get New Drugs to Market Faster

Sphere’s hands-free XR guidance fast-tracks drug R&D and reduces costs by accelerating training and operations

GMP Compliant XR Software

Sphere helps pharmaceutical teams stick to the set of guidelines and regulations required to remain compliant with GMP standards

Market Leading Data Security

We support customers that handle the world’s most sensitive data. They must comply with stringent regulations, meaning we do as well

The Sphere Advantage 


Dominate Telemedicine

Offer intuitive and secure telemedicine services by equipping local healthcare personnel with real time, hands-free guidance from specialists across the globe.
Expand your reach while providing best-in-class care, no matter where your patients are.
Fast-Track Drug Discovery

Swap hand-held documentation with intuitive, XR-guided workflows and spatially displayed operational indicators.

Sphere enables unmatched speed and accuracy in your factory or lab, letting you outpace competition while upholding GMP standards.

Enrich Medical Training

Transform how your teams learn, heightening efficiency and reducing medical errors.
  • Sphere's XR technology immerses healthcare practitioners in real-world scenarios
  • Enable simultaneous training across geographical barriers
Sphere empowers doctors at Heidelberg University Hospital to connect with remote specialists to improve patient diagnoses.
Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the largest medical centers in Germany and uses Sphere’s Connect package to combat violence against children.
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