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“We have identified Sphere as one of the solutions to make a step change in workforce productivity.”

Ning Khang Lee

Director of Smart Manufacturing and AI at Micron Technology

Sell More High-Value Assets

Facilitate interactive 3D presentations, making it easier to communicate complex design concepts to stakeholders and customers

Boost ROI by Reducing Machine Downtime

Sphere’s XR technology enables guidance between on-site workers and remote experts, reducing the need for travel and improving the ability to respond quickly to supply chain disruptions

Optimize Factory Planning

Avoid the expense that comes with a ‘trial and error’ approach. With 3D models accurately proportioned, Sphere users can overlay holographic factory equipment in its proposed location

Tap into the Power of XR to Overcome the Challenges that Weigh on Manufacturing

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Leading OEMs use enterprise XR to be more agile, efficient, and responsive to changing market demands.

Micron Industries was able to reduce tool downtime by over 3000 hours with a substantial impact to the bottom-line using Sphere’s supply chain collaboration software


Enterprise XR Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Improve Design Review Processes to Leapfrog Your Competition

Sphere improved design review processes in manufacturing by providing a more immersive, yet cost-effective way to review and validate product designs. With XR powered design review solutions, stakeholders can view, inspect, and annotate virtual prototypes for faster and more efficient feedback and decision-making.

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Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Sphere’s immersive collaboration software creates a leaner, more productive manufacturing process that delivers financial and environmental benefits in equal measure. Our XR solutions reduce shipping costs, waste costs due to rework, and connect managers as well as engineers with manufacturing sites remotely, enabling them to oversee, diagnose and resolve issues without traveling.

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Improve Training Procedures and SOP Compliancy

Large-scale manufacturing businesses have thousands of employees all over the world that require training on a regular basis. Sphere’s remote employee training solution changes that by replacing in-person sessions with holographic workflow guidance – connecting managers and frontline staff in real time as they conduct digital walkthroughs designed to optimize safety and compliance.

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose Driven Solutions