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Productive collaboration with XR technology

“Collaboration is the backbone of all human achievements. However, in the new work paradigm we’ve been forced to limit efficiency by interacting through screens and across distances. Our goal at Sphere is to preserve the engagement and productivity that comes with in-person meetings.”

Sven Brunner

Co-Founder and CEO

Live Spatial-Audio Language Translations

Communicate, sell and support across cultures by allowing participants to instantly receive translated spatial-audio from the speaking individual.

Improved Communication with Avatars

Avatars create a more authentic sense of presence with remote participants, turning virtual coworking into dynamic, on-site scenarios.

Real-Time Annotation and Document Sharing

Sphere’s creation toolbox – including robust immersive maps, measurements, scribbling and more – allows for endless collaboration possibilities.

Join the Movement

Extend Your Potential

Immersive collaboration is the catalyst for success in global operations, and organizations are leaving legacy conferencing tools behind, evolving for the current business landscape using Sphere.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“People tell me, ‘Wow, you’re embarking on something completely new!’ but for me, it doesn’t feel that way anymore. It’s exciting, yes. However, using technology in this way seems natural. It’s logical, and Sphere is so easy to use it feels like the only way to do it.”

Dr. rer. nat. Dorothea Kaufmann

Team Leader Telemedicine ARMED, The Heidelberg University Hospital

Combine the Productivity of In-Person Collaboration
with Technology’s Limitless Possibilities

Strengthen Global Relationships

Enterprises with remote teams run the risk of crucial information getting ‘lost in translation.’  

Everything you see and hear in a Sphere session is spatially mapped to your physical environment, ensuring that conversations feel natural no matter where in the world participants are located. All meeting content can be preserved as a Collection, then shared with others and/or reloaded for future work.

Sphere's XR content compatibility

Experience Any Content in 3D

Sphere supports 60+ file types that can be experienced in XR, including 3D models, images, videos, PDFs, PowerPoints and additional document types, audio, BIM, CAD and more! Its built-in CMS enables rapid, no-code content creation. 

With the shackles of 2D screens removed, onsite and offsite teams can explore multiple assets at one-time, review real-time updates in a shared meeting space with their colleagues, interact with products in life-size, and more.

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose-Driven Solutions

Increase Your Bottom Line by
Streamlining Operational Efficiency

Sphere offers turnkey packages that enable users to extend their collaboration power within a single unified solution.


Close More Deals by Standing Out with XR


Virtual, Location-Based Training for Faster Results


Connect Front-Line Workers to Remote Experts


Accurately Visualize Your Work Beyond Screens