Build Planning with Augmented Reality

Speed-up construction projects by tapping into the power of XR model overlays

Communicate more clearly with on-site and/or remote stakeholders to reduce errors and improve decision making.

BIM Integration for Augmented Reality  

Sphere’s 3D Asset Converter Plus lets users easily upload BIM data into the application, and then quickly converts the data into XR models.  
Extract levels and meta-data 
Overlay and reference 3D models in the real world  
Immersively visualize meta data  
Switch between BIM layers in real-time, such as architectural models, ventilation models, and more! 

Improve decision-making, while reducing the risk of errors by visualizing planned components in your physical environment  

Convert BIM/CAD data into life-size holograms
Determine exact material measurements
Spot conflicts and dependences with other trades
Plan workarounds before they become expensive to resolve

With Sphere's robust creation toolbox, customers are empowered to speed-up and simplify construction and factory layout planning

BIM Data Compatibility

Sphere users can easily convert BIM data into life-size 3D models, which can be overlayed in their physical environment for accurate build planning.  

3D Asset Converter Plus

The Build package includes the 3D Asset Converter Plus, which enables users to go a step further by importing levels and meta-data into the XR application. 

Visualize Layers and Meta-Data

Sphere users can switch between BIM layers in real-time, such as architectural models, electrical models, ventilation models, and more for seamless project planning. 
"With Sphere, we can use remote collaboration from a factory planning perspective when we are working on industrialization or optimization projects at locations in other countries."
Marco Duelli
ZF Group, Factory Planning
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Report on Construction and Layout Planning Progress  

Sphere’s powerful reporting functionality lets users extract all plans and associated comments on spawned objects in order to bring relevant parties up to date on progress and share a paper trail of important details. 
Hovering UI Panels with workflow steps

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