Supercharge Your BIM Data

Sphere users can easily convert BIM data into life-size 3D models, which can be overlayed in their physical environment for accurate build planning.

Sphere’s 3D Asset Converter Plus

The Build package includes the 3D Asset Converter Plus, which enables users to go a step further by importing levels and meta-data into the XR application.

Visualize Layers and Meta-Data

Sphere users can switch between BIM layers in real-time, such as architectural models, electrical models, ventilation models, and more for seamless project planning.

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Using Sphere for Factory Planning

“We are noticing how well the technology is being accepted in the company, and how our business partners are relying more-and-more on this.”

Tim Brunkel

ZF Group, Focus Area xReality, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

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technology is making a real difference

AR construction and factory planning solutions by Sphere

The Benefits of Sphere’s Build Package

  • Convert BIM and CAD data into 3D holograms for accurate build planning
  • Determine exact material measurements 
  • Spot conflicts and dependencies with other trades 
  • Catch issues with existing work 
  • Plan workarounds before they become expensive and time consuming 
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Connecting Stakeholders

As an immersive collaboration solution, Sphere allows users to tap into the Build package with multiple stakeholders either on one-site, or in a co-located setting.  

Customers can join the session from anywhere and on their preferred device, whether it be from the market’s widest range of compatible XR headsets, desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose-Driven Solutions

Increase Your Bottom Line by
Streamlining Operational Efficiency

Sphere offers turnkey packages that enable users to extend their collaboration power within a single unified solution.


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