Privacy Mode

Sphere’s security feature, Privacy Mode, allows users to hide areas of their physical environment from connected experts.

Live Annotations

Remote specialists can spawn live, holographic annotations within the field-of-view for users seeking support.

Guest Calling

Guest-calling allows customers to reach out with XR functionality to connections that don’t have Sphere accounts, such as suppliers.

Transforming Collaboration

Helping Victims of Violence with Connect

“Sphere is the most valuable partner in the development of our telemedicine system."

Dr. rer. nat. Dorothea Kaufmann

Team leader Telemedicine ARMED

Our strategic playbook Support Operational Excellence
by Connecting Key Personnel

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Create Additional Revenue Streams with Immersive Support Services

Use Sphere as an add-on service to your support package, by giving your customers the option to connect with experts in your own organization with questions about your products. This feature enables Sphere’s enterprise users to improve their customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized and interactive support experience. 

Sphere allows you to report on details such as who joined a session, on which date, for how long, and more, in order to bill your customers accordingly.

Productive collaboration with XR technology

Streamlined XR Software for All Critical Use-Cases

Each of Sphere’s 5 packages can be accessed within one turnkey application to prevent workflow disruptions. For example, if a user is engaged in machine maintenance using Sphere’s Train package for step-by-step holographic work instructions and a question arises, they can seamlessly tap into the Connect package to call in expert assistance.

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose-Driven Solutions

Increase Your Bottom Line by
Streamlining Operational Efficiency

Sphere offers turnkey packages that enable users to extend their collaboration power within a single unified solution.


Close More Deals by Standing Out with XR


Virtual, Location-Based Training for Faster Results


Accurately Visualize Your Work Beyond Screens


Immersive Collaboration Software for Enterprise