Connect to Critical Information using Augmented Reality

Access Remote Experts Anytime and Anywhere

A better way to troubleshoot problems remotely, reducing travel costs and time, increasing productivity, and improving customer satisfaction. 

Reduce delays and downtime with immediate expert advice via augmented reality 

White Label Connect as an Add-On to Your Client Support Package 

Give customers the option to connect about your products with experts on your own team. 
Create additional revenue streams 
Improve customer satisfaction  
Stand-out from competitors with a unique and cutting-edge service  

Save costs and the environment by reducing the need for travel with XR powered remote assistance 

Privacy Mode 
Sphere’s security feature, Privacy Mode, allows users to hide areas of their physical environment from connected experts.  
Live Annotations 
Remote specialists can spawn live, holographic annotations within the physical environment of users seeking support. 
Guest Calling 
Guest-user calling allows customers to reach out to connections that don’t have Sphere accounts, such as suppliers. 
"Sphere is the most valuable partner in the development of our telemedicine system."
Dr. Dorothea Kaufmann
Team Leader Telemedicine ARMED, The Heidelberg University Hospital

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Thrive through the skills gap by no longer limiting enterprise expertise to regional candidate pools

Streamlined XR Software for All Critical Use-Cases

Each of Sphere’s packages can be accessed within one turnkey application to prevent workflow disruptions.
For example, if a user is engaged in machine maintenance using Sphere’s step-by-step holographic work instructions and a question arises, they can seamlessly tap into the Connect package to call in expert assistance! 

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