Deliver Immersive Demos Worldwide

Demo your entire product-suite in life-size and allow your customers to see 3D model interactions and changes in real-time.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

By reducing travel requirements for representatives and high-value assets, Sphere helps companies create an eco-friendly sales process.

Cut Logistical Hassle and Expenses

Remove the need to ship physical products on-site, cutting associated costs by 70% without compromising quality.

Sales competition is fierce and consumer expectations are high. Sphere’s users deploy XR to increase competitiveness and decrease their carbon footprints, all while spending less.


elimination of travel


reduction in shipping


faster sales cycles

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Sales Reps Exceed their KPIs

XR presentations with Sphere

Captivate Audiences with ‘Presentation Mode’

Sphere’s one-of-a-kind Presentation Mode feature enables sales and marketing professionals to create memorable, immersive experiences. Rather than taking prospects through 2D slides, users can create a spatial presentation made up of holographic phases, which transition from one to the next, captivating audiences at every angle.

Extend the Power of Your Sales Force

Sphere’s Sell package allows sales reps to instantly communicate with anybody in the world, speaking in any language and demonstrating any number of products, while remaining more dynamic than their competition.   

  • Prospects can join immersive sales meetings via XR headsets, or simply using a conferencing tool integration 
  • Provide audio translations in real-time to ensure the presentation is understood by all stakeholders 
  • Allow potential customers to accurately visualize how items fit within their real environments, without having to ship physical products
Sphere AR sales solutions

Stand-Out with Immersive Exhibition Demos

Elevate your brand and drive more traffic to your booth with a modern tradeshow experience. Sphere enables exhibitors to spawn holograms of their products and demonstrate them in exciting ways.  

XR can be used to improve the ways that audiences visualize potential purchase decisions at tradeshows, using memorable and versatile 3D models rather than traditional methods. This helps sales reps communicate complex information to a higher number of leads.  

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose-Driven Solutions

Increase Your Bottom Line by
Streamlining Operational Efficiency

Sphere offers turnkey packages that enable users to extend their collaboration power within a single unified solution.


Immersive Collaboration Software for Enterprise


Virtual, Location-Based Training for Faster Results


Connect Front-Line Workers to Remote Experts


Accurately Visualize Your Work Beyond Screens