Hands-Free XR Training for Speed, Safety and Accuracy

Free Your Training Program from Personnel and Equipment Availability

Replace limited resources with an XR training tool that has endless reach and applications.
Industry Steps
Defense Plane

Easily Create Workflows with Sphere’s No-Code, Web-Based Tool  

Sphere’s workflows are quick and easy to implement, consisting of: 
Sequence of steps that each contain text instructions along with optional spatial indicators 
Supporting reference assets 
Operator actions, such as capturing pictures and/or videos 
Robust reporting functionality
Hovering UI Panels with workflow steps

Reduce costly errors by providing a standardized training program in augmented reality 

Improve Worker Efficiency, Satisfaction and Retention 

Organizational knowledge is retiring, and the next generation values innovation. XR enables employers to offer engaging training scenarios with cutting edge technology. 
For frontline staff who work in deskless environments, access to critical knowledge without the distraction of legacy screens and manuals equals less mistakes, and more productivity. 

Precision AI Integration  

‘Supervised Workflows’ contrast expected results with actual outputs to detect anomalies, combining the power of AI with XR to prevent costly mistakes before they happen. 

Good Manufacturing Practice  

Sphere’s Train package is designed to help enterprise teams stick to the set of guidelines and regulations required to remain GMP compliant.  

Real-Time IoT Insights  

While the standard deployment of Sphere’s XR tool is a SaaS offering, we also provide additional deployment set ups for customers who need them. A dedicated Sphere team member can help you explore the best ft for your business
Micron leverages Sphere as its XR solution to supercharge productivity and efficiency of manufacturing operations worldwide
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