Precision AI Integration

‘Supervised Workflows’ contrast expected results with actual outputs to detect anomalies, combining the power of AI with XR to prevent costly mistakes before they happen.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Sphere’s Train package is designed to help enterprise teams stick to the set of guidelines and regulations required to remain GMP compliant.

Real-Time IoT Insights

IoT data visualization enables instant access to sensor information on critical equipment and machines, displayed alongside contextually relevant workflows.

Micron leverages Sphere as its XR solution to supercharge productivity and efficiency of manufacturing operations worldwide

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Our strategic playbook Improve Worker Productivity, Reduce Costly Errors, and Provide a More Engaging and Intuitive Training Experience

Sphere XR training solutions

Increase Worker Accuracy

Sphere Train features intuitive workflows with associated assets and operational indicators, which are spatially displayed alongside the task at hand, enabling you to move effortlessly from one step to the next until the job is complete. This advanced visual guidance aids concentration, and ensures consistency across your entire organization, while also reducing the likelihood of human error.

Scalable XR training for manufacturing

Train Employees Remotely at Scale

Large organizations must train thousands of employees all over the world to ensure legal compliance while also maintaining quality standards across several complex production, installation, and maintenance processes. 

Instead of sending training personnel to each individual site to repeatedly deliver the same in-person session, a Sphere workflow can be created and immersively presented for an even better training experience, which can then be extended to countless staff members. 

Discover the Transformative Power of Extended Reality

Solving Enterprise Challenges with Purpose-Driven Solutions

Increase Your Bottom Line by
Streamlining Operational Efficiency

Sphere offers turnkey packages that enable users to extend their collaboration power within a single unified solution.


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