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Powered by AWS

Sphere runs on AWS, which offers the scalability, security and reliability required to support the platform’s substantial customer base.

  • SaaS/multi-tenant environment
  • Private cloud
  • Enterprise ready deployments (corporate firewalls, data security and privacy)
  • All services are containerized for fast deployments

The AWS partnership enables Sphere to leverage powerful cloud infrastructure, providing customers with the performance required to efficiently enhance their business operations with XR.

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Co-Selling with AWS

Sphere is part of AWS Partner Network

  • Official APN Solution Partner of AWS
  • AWS ISV Accelerate Program
  • AWS Marketplace
  • Collaborating with AWS account teams to bring Sphere to enterprises worldwide

Sphere and AWS Co-Innovation

Amazon Lookout for Vision

With Lookout for Vision, Sphere’s XR solutions can harness the power of AI to detect defects and anomalies in manufacturing processes, proactively reducing error rates and improving product output.

Amazon Translate, Transcribe, and Polly

Sphere’s integration with Amazon Translate, Transcribe, and Polly enables the application to offer live spatial-audio translations. Enterprises can now communicate more effectively than ever with their international teams and customers, breaking down language barriers and improving global collaboration.

AWS IoT Twinmaker

By integrating with AWS IoT Twinmaker, Sphere can offer its customers real-time data insights, which, through the power of XR, are both situationally and spatially relevant to the tasks at hand.

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XR Solutions for Defense
and National Security

Sphere is partnered with AWS to securely enable defense and national security missions with cloud computing.

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Sphere Case Studies

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